Gifs to Wear Pants To

so guess whose internet connection decided to be a little shit yesterday for no apparent reasonand took an unannounced vacation?

so that’s why there was no Gif For Everything Tuesday yesterday. i couldn’t even satiate my boredom with queer as folk on netflix. it was a hard day for me. first world problems, man.

WELL ANYWHORE, next tuesday will be GFET. and i’m scheduling that shit JUST IN CASE. bc maybe my internet is a shit regularly on tuesdays. maybe this is a thing i am just now becoming aware of. i’ll have to take it up with hr.




buckle up, fuckers.


Tomorrow is gonna be GIF FOR EVERYTHING TUESDAY, I have decided. I’m only going to reblog Supernatural posts that illustrate how the SPN Fandom LITERALLY has a gif for everything.

This should be a thing. 


So I’m gonna be doing this tomorrow, guys.

Well, sort of. I’m gonna post only Supernatural gifs. Most ESPECIALLY useful ones (duh). So maybe even if you’re not in the Supernatural fandom, you can have your fun ruining posts, too.

Hello, everyone. 

I thought I’d go ahead an announce this, as it startled me and I don’t think many people know about it. But I feel very disturbed and uncomfortable now.

I just learned about the allegations against Bill Cosby and feel a little wrong-footed. He’s someone we all grew up with and quite possibly looked up to. 

Anyway, I don’t know if there are many, but I’m going to be deleting any Bill Cosby images I’ve posted, and I won’t be posting any in the future. Just thought it fair to let you all know. 

Anyway, stay safe, folks. Hope this didn’t bring anyone’s day down too much. Love you all. <3

Hi there! You don't know me at all. My name is Glenn, and I go by the name "Kyhan" online. Every so often, my friends link me to uses (mostly reaction posts) of an image macro I did back in 2011, the "Shit's So Fancy" image. When my friends send me these, I get a bit curious and do some Google/Tumblr searches for it. I just saw your post from 2 months ago. Thank you for your kind words. Not going to lie, it made me well up a bit. It's people like you who make doing crappy internet art worth it.


Now you’re gonna make ME tear up. You seem like a really funny, cool guy. Thank you for taking the time to come to my inbox; this message SERIOUSLY made my day!

I made this blog as a resource to myself and hopefully others. I’m always getting more followers. I don’t mean that to brag, I just mean that I’m glad others find this blog useful because that’s its entire purpose. And when those resources can double as useful AND get someone to laugh or smile? That is all I could ever ask for. 

<3 Alli